Hi There!

I am a full-stack software engineer with a background in Physical Therapy. You might be asking how these two things are connected, but they have more in common than you may think. Physical therapy required me to think outside the box to solve puzzles that came in the form of various patient symptoms. At the core of it, I am a problem solver with a drive for continuous learning, collaboration, and efficiency. I aim to leverage my professional and technical experiences to develop impactful technologies, foster meaningful relationships, and deliver value to others.

If I'm not coding, you'll usually find me strength training, on the golf course, or spending time with friends and family!


Collaborative projects executed in a SCRUM and AGILE development setting

GokuSpace - FullStack

The ultimate Anime-centric mobile social media platform for connecting, voting, and discovering trends.

TypeScript | React Native | PostgreSQL | Node.js | Express.js


HobbyMatch - FullStack

AI generated personalized hobby recommendations tailored to a user's interests and preferences

JavaScript | React | Express.js | Node.js | Firebase Auth | Firestore DB


storeFront Solutions - FrontEnd

Revamp of an outdated E-commerce platform that allows users to browse clothing and related products

JavaScript | React | Redux | Node.js | Express.js


Atelier API - Backend

Modernization of the Atelier API that sustains 3000 RPS with 86ms avg response time & 0.003% error rate

JavaScript | PostgreSQL | Express.js | Node.js | NGNIX | Docker